my soul's the price to see you; you're always so far away ♥
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"you’re saying i should go? —
i don’t want you to go. but it’s not my right to tell you what to do.”

a sequence of 'please stop destroying my ovaries' janeway caps   25 / ?

happy easter to those who celebrate (for whatever reason). i’m gonna sit on the internet with my blood orange soda and chill.


Cas' commission of Ten and Nine! ヽ(´▽` )ノ ♥

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inspired by [x]

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Supernatural  ▌Two Demons

Meg 2.0 | Ruby 2.0

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sadly, it's starting to feel like home in here.

I can finally pay a visit to my little sister.

One psychopath per TARDIS, don’t you think?

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