Seleana: Fuck! ... I mean "poop!"
Me: Nice try.
Seleana: Thank you.

Taylor Schilling celebrates her 30th Birthday with her ‘Orange Is the New Black’ family at Catch Restaurant/Catch Roof NYC


A Streetcar Named Desire.

If you could spend the day with Regina, what would be on the itinerary? [x]

Regina Mills Appreciation Week
Day 1
: favorite persona 

Turns out when you go outside and converse with other people, you somehow feel like an actual human being and not some unfixable mess for a bit.


Taylor Schilling celebrates her 30th birthday with the cast of ‘Orange is the New Black’ at Catch Restaurant

Stahma and Amanda talking about shattering the patriarchy. I fucking love it. I need them to be besties. … Lets forget that Stahma sort of had her sister killed, shall we?

We meet people for a specific reason. They’re either a blessing or a lesson.

Sarah Paulson attends “American Horror Story: Coven” Panel during SDCC on July 27, 2014



Once Upon A Time’s Lana Parrilla’s EW’s Comic-Con ‘14 Star Portrait.