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These flowers of yours, they weren't lavender by any chance, were they?

that’s a very quick sequence, but sorted into gifs, it makes it even more heart breaking. Stahma buried Kenya overlooking a beautiful view.

Thanks Satan

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Color Palette + The Eleventh Era

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“tasha” by keiko murayama

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magnass: "16 and 40 and obvs with 40 i mean which alien would u choose to bone cause that is the number 1 choice that matters"

16. What would be your personal “captain’s beverage”? - My answer is very Janeway because coffee, of course. Literally the first thing I do when I get up is make coffee. Sometimes I do this before I even pee. I drag my half-conscious body to my Mr. Coffee machine. It is essential to my well being and honestly… everyone else’s as well. xD If they would like me to not get them killed from dozing off in my chair or just being really out of it in general, they will see that coffee is available to me. Although I don’t take my coffee black, so that is the defining difference there. I’d have my cream and sugar containers laying about.

40. Which alien ability would you choose? - I think I’d want whatever it is that Gainan possesses. She senses things on another level that others can’t. Also her species lives a long ass time, that’s also intriguing for me. 

And what alien would I bone on god. xD Idk if I should pick a species that resembles humans mostly or try to go even further out of the box with the not-so-human appearing ones LOL. But lets say I’d definitely bang Ro Laren. Also K’Ehleyr.

Lana Parrilla | Once Upon A Time Premiere Screening Event (September 21, 2014) (x)

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magnass replied to your post “44, 35, 33, 29, 19, 8”

have u read projectcyborg’s fic where janeway and seven play chess instead of velocity??? cause lbr that’s the first thing i thought of

Poooooooooooossibly but it’s not really ringing bells for me atm. xD LINKY?

captain-coffeebean: "8. Favorite VOY quote? 10. Which character would you clash with the most? 20. Which villain would you send out the nearest airlock? 27. Favorite VOY scene? 34. What would be your signature catchphrase as a captain? :D"

Already answered 8 :3

10. Which character would you clash with the most? - This is difficult cause I sort of don’t know. xD Like I can’t see myself really clashing with any TNG characters… Except for maybe Worf. As for Voyager I might clash with Chakotay somewhat, on certain things. I considered Seven but realized she would probably hate me more than anything else lol. And I’d find her inability to human amusing and admirable 99.9% of the time. Which is why she’d hate me. Oh also Janeway. Her stubborn streak would drive me crazy lol.

20. Which villain would you send out the nearest airlock? - All of the Kazon. Simply because they annoy me.

 27. Favorite VOY scene? - Janeway and Seven in the shuttlecraft in The Voyager Conspiracy. That scene makes me cry, ngl.

34. What would be your signature catchphrase as a captain? - "Fuck it, I don’t even care." Or the sound of cocky laughter.

thejanewaydirectives: "44, 35, 33, 29, 19, 8"

44. Favorite VOY episode? - Other than Dark Frontier, I also love Counterpoint and Equinox. 

35. What is your favorite competitive game to play on the holodeck? - Dear god I’m lazy, so I wouldn’t be playing any sort of athletically challenging holodeck games on the regular lol. I’d be the one who wants to play Chess or some 24th century version of it. Or competitive card games. Cause I AM competitive, just more with my wit than my physical abilities. xD I’d probably enjoy archery or something though.

33. Which character would you want to be trapped with in the turbo lift? - Neelix. … Do I really need to answer this truthfully? xD

29. Which character’s story would you like to adopt as your own? - This is hard. I pretty much decided based on who I would like to be, rather than what their life has been like lol. So Lwaxana Troi. Because I wish to be as fabulous and carefree as her. =P

19. Which position on a starship would you occupy? - I feel I’d either be the ship’s counselor or a first officer. I think I’m a good ‘right hand man’. But jesus every time I watch Voyager I’m just like “you all need a fucking counselor like whoa.” I want to fix all their problems. xD Or “help”, anyway. I would be their Troi.

8. Favorite VOY quote? -  I don’t really have one, so I’m just listing ones that I enjoy for whatever reason. - Seven: "Impossible" is a word that humans use far too often." - Janeway: “We all make our own hell, Mister Lessing. I hope you enjoy yours.”

36. What is the worst fate you can imagine for your ship?

Okay I’m going to assume it means ship as in otp and not starship, cause I don’t really know either way, but- xD

Worst fate for a ship is always one of them dying, or becoming missing/kidnapped and never seen again. Or undisclosed feelings for all of eternity.

Also I have a special hatred in my heart for fics that start out really fluffy and wonderful and I’m in love with it - then suddenly when you least expect it CHARACTER DEATH. With no warnings in the description. Hate. All. Of. You.

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Still from Doctor Who 8x04 Listen

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